wordcloud 070118My research interests lay in the intersection between innovation studies, development studies and sustainability. My ambition is to understand the processes of knowledge creation and adoption that underpin the transformations towards sustainable forms of living (economic, social and environmental) and how they are affected and affect institutions. More than the analysis of particular countries or regions, I am mostly interested in global comparative analysis and in the linkages between developed and developing countries. Some of the core topics in my research are:

  • Innovation systems, particularly in developing countries
  • Sustainable development
  • Global innovation networks
  • Innovation policy
  • Social-ecological innovations

I am currently (2018) working in the following projects (a detailed overview can be found in the Research projects page

Examining the links between global innovation networks and regional systems enabling transformation of traditional industries in Europe. The cases of textiles and wine production. More about the MAKERS project (RISE EU Horizon2020, 2015-2018) here

Investigating the transformation of the Swedish innovation system towards sustainability and developing a data base of significant Swedish innovations. Innovations in the Bio and Circular Economy. More about the Swinno project (VINNOVA, 2015-2019) here

Analysing the potential for sustainability transformations of agricultural systems, from annual to perennial crops – More about the Pufendorf project (Pufendorf Institutet, 2018-2019) here

Exploring the role of international linkages (teleconnections) enabling transformations towards organic food production and consumption systems (2017-

Understanding the role of Universities supporting social innovations for sustainable development – More about the Pufendorf project (Pufendorf Institutet, 2016-2018) here

Mapping the geography of networks of the game industry in Skåne and its transformation over time. More about the Wallenberg project (Marianne och Markus Wallenberg Foundation, 2013-2018) here.





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