March 2019

If you are teaching innovation, you can now order examination copies of the Advanced Introduction to National Innovation Systems from Edward Elgard. You can Email EE to order your examination copies, or access the online version on Vitalsource. Below the excerpt in EE page

Advanced Introduction to
National Innovation Systems

Cristina Chaminade, Lund University, Sweden,
Bengt-Åke Lundvall and Shagufta Haneef, Aalborg University, Denmark

‘In the quarter century since it emerged, the innovation system concept has come to play a major role in efforts to shape public policies so as to better support innovation and economic growth, as well as being an important focuser of scholarly research on these topics. It has had a profound influence on policy makers as well as academic researchers. This book provides a lucid and broad introduction to the national innovation system concept, describing its beginnings and development, and the wide range of topics where it has come to play an important role.’

– Richard R. Nelson, Columbia University, US

Innovation studies is an evolving interdisciplinary field that has moved away from the weaknesses of neoclassical thinking and embraced evolutionary theory. In this timely book, the authors offer a precise introduction to the nature of national innovation systems (NIS), examining the history of the concept and its use in today’s world.

This book uses language appropriate for both social science and engineering scholars to offer an accurate synopsis of the emergence of the concept, its theoretical core and its evolution. It analyses both developed and developing countries in terms of their NIS and its application to current societal challenges, such as economic growth, inclusive development and environmental sustainability, in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world.

Key features:

·        Three authors from three different generations and countries offer an overview of NIS from around the world

·        Extensive use of examples from the Global North and Global South

·        Recommended in-depth reading after each topical chapter

·        Overview of future research challenges

·        Up-to-date review of the literature and engagement in current debates.January 2019

The deadline for applications to the Master in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development is approaching! – the 15th of January is the last day for applications for international students! More information on the Master and the application procedure can be found here.


December 2018

Just published two new working papers in the Papers in Innovation Studies series

Chaminade, Cristina & Bellandi, Marco & Plechero, Monica & Santini, Erica (2018): Understanding processes of path renewal and creation in thick specialized regional innovation systems. Evidence from two textile districts in Italy and Sweden. Papers in Innovation Studies 2018/13. Download the paper here

Bellandi, Marco & Chaminade, Cristina & Plechero, Monica (2018): Transformation paths and the multi-scalarity of knowledge bases under Industry 4.0 challenges. Papers in Innovation Studies. 2018/14. Download the paper here.

November 2018

The book in honor of Paloma Sanchez is finally out and can be downloaded for free!

libro paloma

Chaminade, C., Lundvall, B-Å. & Haneef, S., (2018) Politicas de innovación para responder a los grandes retos de desarrollo global sostenible: un enfoque basado en los sistemas de innovación en  Innovación, capital intelectual y desarrollo económico.  Download open access version [Spanish]



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