Here are links to networks that I find particularly interesting for those who wish to link to the community working with innovation and competence building for sustainable development



The global network of researchers working on innovation and development. Globelics has an global annual conference and many other regional activities. It is a fantastic network of researchers interested in issues of inclusive and sustainable development and innovation.



The PhD school associated to Globelics. Great place to meet other fellow PhD students from developed and developing countries, deeply concerned with issues of inclusive and sustainable development and innovation. It takes place in Tampere and South Africa in alternative years.


wings Gender equality in academia. Yep! Unfortunately the gender gap in academia is still very large. The invisible network exists and female researchers tend to get much less invitations to participate as key note speakers, projects or publications.  At Lund University, WINGS works to increase gender equality and support female researchers in their career.




Network of students interested in understanding the concept of sustainability in Economics and Management.