Development Economics and Conservation

In this last post of this series about Economics and Conservation, I will look at how another branch of Economics - Development Economics - can contribute to conservation. Development Economics in a nutshell Development economics is a branch of economics that focuses on improving the economics and social conditions of developing countries. That is, it … Continue reading Development Economics and Conservation

Economics of Innovation and Conservation

When people think about innovation, they usually portray technological artifacts. But innovation is much more than that. In simple terms, it is about the capacity to change. As it goes, many conservation projects require individuals and organizations to change; to adopt new practices; to abandon others. This is where an economist with an Economics of Innovation background can come in handy.

Ecological Economics and Conservation

If there is a branch of economics that traditionally has been related to, and contributed to conservation is Ecological economics. But What is Ecological Economics?, How different it is from Environmental economics?, and How is it applied to Conservation? Ecological economics in a nutshell Strong link with natural sciences One thing that sets apart Ecological … Continue reading Ecological Economics and Conservation