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As a researcher, I am particularly interested in the process of transformation from unsustainable to sustainable systems. My leading questions are what might enable the direction and geographical scale of the transformation and how can transformations be accelerated. The latter is paramount if we consider the urgency of the challenges our planet is facing today.

Currently, I am investigating regions around the world whose fast transformation is particularly important worldwide. Those are critical regions because they are particularly vulnerable to global unsustainable human action (for example, Small Island Development States or regions around protected areas), or because they have a high impact on the transformation of world-systems (for example, the Amazon basin or Boreal forests). 

More than the analysis of particular countries or regions, I am mostly interested in global comparative analysis and in the linkages between developed and developing countries. Some of the core topics in my research are:

  • Sustainability transformations
  • Social-ecological innovations
  • Innovation systems, particularly in developing countries
  • Sustainable development
  • Regional transformations
  • Global innovation networks
  • Innovation policy

If you want to have an overview of the projects in which I am involved now on the Transformative capacity of small island states, The role of policies in the transition of Sweden to the Bioeconomy or Innovative practices in developing countries   click here

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