In this page you will find access to open access copies of most of my publications.

International Journal of Intellectual Property Management (IJIPM)Bo Göransson, Cristina Chaminade, Blaise Booponoyeng Bayou (2021, online first) Transforming universities to address grand societal challenges: a case study of organisational and institutional change at Lund University. Forthcoming in the international journal of Intellectual Property Management. The paper illustrates the dynamics of competing institutional logics and how a traditional and research-oriented university  struggles to embed social innovation ideas and practices into its policy framework.

rethinking clusters  Chaminade, C. Ballandi, M. Plechero.,Santini (2021) Understanding processes of path renewal and creation in thick specialized regional innovation systems. Evidence from two textile districts in Italy and Sweden in Lazzeretti et al (2021) Rethinking Clusters. Towards a New Research Agenda for Cluster Research. Routledge. This book compiles the articles published in the special issue of European Planning Studies on Rethinking Clusters. The book can be accessed here.


Chaminade, C. Randelli, F. (2020) The Role of Territorially Embedded Innovation Ecosystems Accelerating Sustainability Transformations: A Case Study of the Transformation to Organic Wine Production in Tuscany (Italy). In this paper, coauthored with Filippo Randelli (Florence University) we look at the role of place-based structural preconditions and different forms of agency in enacting, accelerating, and consolidating sustainability transformations. Full access here. From August 2021, the complete special issue can be accessed here.


B. Bayuo; Chaminade, C. Göransson, B. (2020) Unpacking the role of universities in the emergence, development and impact of social innovations – A systematic review of the literature. Technology Forecasting and Social Change, vol. 155. The full paper can be accessed here

Industry and Innovation

Plechero, M. Kulkarni, M., Chaminade, C., Parthasarathy, B. (2020) Explaining the past, predicting the future: the influence of regional trajectories on innovation networks of new industries in emerging economies, Industry and Innovation.

Book Lisa de Propris

Bellandi, M.; Chaminade, C. Plechero, M. (2020) Transformative paths, multiscalarity of knowledge bases and industry 4.0.  in De Propris and Bailey. Industry 4.0. and Regional Transformations. Routledge. The book has been published with open access and can be downloaded here

ebcd84e46f804058a3a469143945e391Chaminade, C. (2020) Innovation for What? Unpacking the Role of Innovation for Weak and Strong Sustainability. Journal of Sustainability Research. 

This perspective paper, published in the Journal of Sustainability Research, reflects my most recent work interrogating the purposes of innovation and its role in sustainable development. It reflects on the differences between adopting weak or strong sustainability as the final goal in terms of innovation and innovation systems.  The paper identifies some areas for future research in the realm of innovation for sustainable development. The paper can be downloaded in full from Here

erg journal cover

Chaminade, C.; McKeever, J. Martin, R. (2020) When regional meets global: exploring the nature of global innovation networks in the video game industry in Southern Sweden, Journal of Entrepreneurship and Regional Development.

In this new paper co-authored with Roman Martin and James McKeever we investigated how the hybrid character of the video game industry – with strong symbolic cultural roots but also a significant global engagement –  affected the geography of innovation networks. The paper is published as open access and can be downloaded from here.


Chaminade, C. Ballandi, M. Plechero.,Santini (2019) Understanding processes of path renewal and creation in thick specialized regional innovation systems. Evidence from two textile districts in Italy and Sweden. European Planning Studies. Published in open access.

Image result for Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Business and ManagementChaminade, C. & Lundvall, B-Å.,  (2019) Science, Technology and Innovation Policy- old patterns and new challengesOxford Research Encyclopaedia of Business and Management.Oxford University Press. Published in open access

libro paloma

Chaminade, C., Lundvall, B-Å. & Haneef, S., (2018) Politicas de innovación para responder a los grandes retos de desarrollo global sostenible: un enfoque basado en los sistemas de innovación en  Innovación, capital intelectual y desarrollo económico.  Download open access version [Spanish]


Grillitsch, C.; Chaminade, C.(2018) Bridging the gap: citizenship diversity and global innovation networks in small and medium size companies. European Planning Studies. OnlineFirst. DOI. Open access to printed article


Guimón, J.; Chaminade, C.; Maggio, C. Salazar-Elena (2018) Policies to attract R&D related investments to small countries: the experience of Chile.  Journal of International Management, Vol. 24 (2), pp. 165-178.  Download open access version

advanced introduction NIS frontpage

Chaminade, C.; Lundvall, BA; Haneef, S. (2018) Advanced introduction to national innovation systems. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. Book can be purchased following this link- Download open access version

scoverijtlidBarnard, H.; Chaminade, C. (2017) Openness of innovation systems through global innovation networks: a comparative analysis of firms in developed and emerging economies Int. J. of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development (IJTLID), 9(3)p. 269-292. Download open access version

9781783471904Chaminade, C., Padilla-Pérez, R. (2017) The challenge of alignment and barriers for the design and implementation of science, technology and innovation policies for innovation systems in developing countries in Stefan Kuhlmann and Gonzalo Ordonez (Eds) Science, Technology and Innovation Policy in Developing Countries: Rationales and Relevance. An International Research Handbook. Chentelham: Edward Elgar. pp. 181-204. The book can be purchased here. Download open access version.


Chaminade, C. de Fuentes, C. Harirchi, G. Plechero, C. (2016) The geography and structure of Global Innovation Networks: global scope and regional embeddedness. Accepted for publication in Doloreux et al. Handbook on the Geographies of Innovation. Chentelham: Edward Elgar. Pp 370-381. The book can be purchased here.    Download open access version here


Plechero, M.; Chaminade, C. (2016). Spatial Distribution of Innovation Networks, Technological Competencies and Degree of Novelty in Emerging Economy Firms. European Planning Studies. Full text downloadable here. Download open access version.


Plechero, M.; Chaminade, C. (2016). The role of regional sectoral specialisation on the geography of innovation networks: a comparison between firms located in regions in developed and emerging economiesInt. J. of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development (IJTLID). Full text downloadable here.  Download open access version.

9781138937734Chaminade, C., de Fuentes, C. (2016) Competences as drivers and enablers of globalization of innovation: the Swedish ICT industry and emerging economies in Gastrow, M. and Kruss, G. (2016) Capability building and global innovation networks. Routledge. (re-print of a journal article). Book available here. Full text downloadable here

gii-2016-coverChaminade, C and Gómez, Lucia (2016) The changing geography of innovation? Technology driven investments in or ‘within’ the global South . In Cornell, INSEAD and WIPO. Geneve. Open access via this link Download open access version


Chaminade, C.; Plechero, M. International knowledge flows in Europe. (2016) in European Commission (Ed) Science, Research and Innovation Performace in the EU 2016. , Brussels: European Commission. The full text is available here.


Chaminade, C.;de Fuentes, C. (2015) Who are the world leaders in innovation? Exploring the changing role of firms in emerging economies. Int. J. of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development(IJTLID). Vol 7 (4), pp. 279- 302. Download open access version

Chaminade, C., Plechero. M. (2015) M. Do Regions Make a Difference? Regional Innovation Systems and Global Innovation Networks in the ICT Industry. European Planning Studies. Volume 23, Issue 2, February 2015, pages 215-237. Full paper available here.   Download open access version.

Chaminade, C.;Rabellotti, R. (2015) Technology-driven FDI by Emerging Multinationals in Europe. AIB insights. Vol 15 (2). Pp. 11-14. Download article

Chaminade, C. Moskovko, M. (2015) Radical Institutional Change: Enabling the Transformation of Georgia’s Innovation System. In Cornell, INSEAD and WIPO, Global Innovation Index report 2015. Geneve. Download article

Chaminade, C. (2015) (Ed) Technology driven FDI by Emerging MNEs in Europe. Lund: Lund University. Full report available here.

Chaminade, C.; Plechero, M. (2015) The role of geographical proximity in the international knowledge flows of European firms: an overview of different knowledge transfer mechanisms.   Papers in Innovation Studies. Download open access version.

Chaminade, C.; Castellacci, D.; Plechero, M. (2014) The emergence of China and India as new innovation power houses- threat or opportunity?. Stockholm: Entreprenörskapförum. Report can be downloaded here

Alvandi, K.; Chaminade, C., Lv, P. (2014) Commonalities and differences between production related FDI (PFDI) and technology-related FDI (TFDI) in developed and emerging economies. Innovation and Development, 4 (2), pp. 293-311. Download article

Harirchi, G.; Chaminade, C. (2014) Exploring the relation between the degree of novelty of innovations and user-producer interaction across different income regions. World Development. vol 57, pp. 19-31. Full paper available here.  Download open access version of article.

Liu, J. Chaminade, C.Asheim, B. (2014) The geography and governance of global innovation networks in Van Egeraatet al. Global and Regional Dynamics in Knowledge Flows and Innovation.Taylor & Francis. Download article. 

Chaminade, C. (2014) Diffusion of knowledge throught the economy in European Comission Innovation Union Competitiveness report, Brussels: European Commission. Download the report here.

Liu, J., Chaminade, C.: (2014) Exploring the interplay, differences and commonalities between global production and innovation networks of two multinational companies. Papers in Innovation Studies. Download open access version.

Cristina Chaminade et al.: (2013) Bridging Innovation System Research and Development Studies: challenges and research opportunities. Papers in Innovation Studies Download open access version

Chaminade, C.; Plechero, M. (2013) The influence of micro-characteristics and the region in different modes of globalization of innovation A comparative study of Pune region and Beijing region. Industry and Innovation, 20(7), pp. 661-682. Download open access version

Liu, J.; Chaminade, C.; Asheim, B. (2013) The geography and governance of global innovation networks. European Planning Studies. 21(9), pp. 1456-1473. Download article

Chaminade, C., Intarakumnerd, P., Sapprasert, K. (2012) Measuring systemic problems in national innovation systems. An application to ThailandResearch Policy 41(8), 1476-1488. Full text available here.

Chaminade, C. (2012) Regiones competitivas en una economía global: análisis de los vínculos entre variedad regional y modos de inserción en redes globales de innovación [Competitive regions in a global economy: exploring the links between regional variety and modes of globalization of innovation]. Información Comercial Española, 869, pp. 133-148. Download article

Chaminade, Fuentes, C. (2012) Competences as drivers and enablers of globalization of innovation: Swedish ICT industry and emerging economies in Innovation and Development, 2 (2), pp. 209-229. Download article

Yun-Chung, C.; Vang, J. Chaminade, C.(2012) Globalization of in innovation knowledge intensive industries: Lessons from the new China. International Journal for Technology and Globalization, 6(4), pp. 264-284. Download open access version.

Chaminade, C.; Cunning, A.; Szogs, A. (2011) Building capabilities in less developed countries. The case of Tanzania and El Salvador. Innovation and Development, 1(2), pp. 283-302. Download article

Chaminade, C.(2011) Are knowledge-bases enough?  A comparative study of the geography of knowledge sources in china (Great Beijing) and India (Pune). A Research briefing. European Planning Studies,19(7), pp. 1357-1373. Download research briefing

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Lundvall, B.A; Joseph, KJ.; Chaminade, C. Vang, J. (2009) Innovation Systems and Developing Countries – an introduction. in Lundvall, B.A et al Innovation Systems and Developing Countries – Building Domestic Capabilities in a Global Setting. Edward Elgar. Download restricted version

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