I am deeply committed to sustainability transformations and wildlife conservation and colaborate with different NGOs and international organizations:

  • Delivering technical studies on the socio-economic impact of protected areas.
  • Analysing regional economic activities compatible with protected areas, including potential transformation paths.
  • Designing and implementing capacity building activities, including online courses and webminars for a variety of audiences.
  • Engaging in activities to raise awareness on the importance of conservation and sustainability transformations

Below, a list of the most recent engagements outside academia:

Conducting the Socioeconomic technical report for the creation of a marine protected area in Costa Rica | Design of the instruments for primary data collection from relevant stakeholders (fisheries, tourism) | Analysis of future transformation paths of current economic activities to make them compatible with the marine protected area | Data analysis and draft of the report | Costa Rica, 2020.

Development of a plan for the creation a biological research station within a protected area in Costa Rica | Contacts with relevant stakeholders | Qualitative data collection and analysis | Development of an inventory of biodiversity in the reserve based on secondary data | Costa Rica, 2020

Organization of a Webinar on the impact of Covid on Conservation with panelists from IUCN, TRAFFIC, Oxford University, Europarc Federation and the Jaguar Rescue Center | The aim of the webinar is to present and discuss the impact of Covid-19 on different conservation aspects of protected areas and their surrounding communities. including conservation policy, tourism to protected areas, poaching in protected areas, illegal wildlife trade and wildlife rescue centers | Moderator of the Webinar | Costa Rica, 2020.

Invited by Oikos Copenhagen to give a key note lecture on “How can we accelerate large-scale changes in society towards sustainability?” as part of their Green Week. The Green Week is attended by more than a thousand students and aims at providing a platform where people can learn, share and discuss sustainability with various stakeholders such as high-profile actors from different fields, companies, academia, cities, non-profit organisations and students in an energizing environment | Copenhagen, 2019.

Invited by Sustainergies to participate in a panel on “How can we use different instruments to influence companies and individuals to act more sustainable”. Organized by Sustainergies. Ideon park, Lund and engaging students from Lund University. | Sweden, 2018.  

Review of material for the Innovation Policy Learning Programme, including the development of exercises for the different modules on innovation for sustainable development.  This included role games, discussions, reflections papers, group presentations and cases. | Remote, 2017.

Panel discussant. Movie night and panel debate. Theme: Universities as agents of change for sustainability transitions. Organized by OIKOS. LUCSUS, Lund University, | Sweden, 2017.