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Cristina Chaminade is a Professor in Innovation Studies at Lund University School of Economics and Management y and CIRCLE (the Center for Innovation, Research and Competences in the Learning Economy) at Lund University, Sweden. She is Director of the Master program in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development

She holds a Bachelor degree and a PhD in Economics, with a major in development economics.

Her current work is driven by the idea that a sustainable and inclusive world is possible, if there is the strength of will to undergo radical changes in current systems of production and consumption. In her research she looks for innovative practices all over the world, which combine novel ways to acquire income, with social equity and nature conservation.

As a researcher she is particularly interested in the process of transformation from unsustainable to sustainable systems. Her leading questions are what might enable the direction and geographical scale of the transformation and how can transformations be accelerated. The latter is paramount if we consider the urgency of the challenges our planet is facing today.

A red threat throughout her career is to investigate the global dimension of transformations. Currently she is investigating regions around the world whose fast transformation is particularly important worldwide. Those are critical regions because they are vulnerable to global unsustainable human action (for example, Small Island Development States), or because they have a high impact on the transformation of world systems (for example, the Amazon basin).

She works regularly as international expert for international organizations such as the European Commission, UNCTAD, OECD and UN-ECLAC. She has extensively published in international journals, refereed books and handbooks in the fields of innovation, international business, development studies and knowledge management like Research Policy, Industry and Innovation, World Development, Journal of International Management, Innovation and Development and European Planning Studies.

She is an elected member of the Board of Globelics, the global network for learning, innovation and competence systems research and  of the scientific board of Eurolics, the European network of research on inclusive and sustainable development in Europe.

When she is not working, you can find her in wildlife rich places, basking in the sun, playing with her dog, diving in warm waters, hanging in a hammock with a book or deeply concentrated in learning something new.

Interested in knowing more? You can download her full curriculum here

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