Plechero, M. Kulkarni, M., Chaminade, C., Parthasarathy, B. “Explaining the past, predicting the future: the influence of regional trajectories on innovation networks of new industries in emerging economies”, Industry and Innovation.

In this new article, co-authored with Monica Plechero, Mandar Kulkarni, and Balaji Parthasarathy, we look at how regional trajectories shape the configuration of innovation networks in new industries. We do so by analyzing the emergence of new media industries in Beijing and Bangalore. The analysis is based on primary data collected through interviews in both city-regions.

It shows how the innovation networks of new industries in Beijing follow a politically and institutionally driven trajectory while in Bangalore they follow a cognitively driven trajectory. All in all, the article shows that regional trajectories matter, not only for the types of new industries that might emerge in a particular region but also for how those industries configure their knowledge networks across different geographical scales.

The article can be downloaded here. An open-access version of the same article can also be found here.


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