On Innovation for Sustainable Development

Are you intrigued about what innovation for sustainable development means but you do not have time to dive into an endless list of readings? Then you have arrived to the right place!

In this serie of short free videos, you can get a quick introduction into the concepts of sustainability and sustainable development and how they related to innovation, transformations and change. And how they affect and are affected by globalization.

Each of the videos has an average duration of 5 minutes.  Just what it takes to grab a coffee. So, what are you waiting for?

Click here to access the videos. 

The videos are part of the course that I teach on “Innovation for Sustainable Development” in the Master in Innovation and Global Sustainable development at Lund University.

I hope that you enjoy them!

On Qualitative Research Design

Struggling with how to conduct fieldwork using qualitative methods for data collection?

Unsure about if a qualitative research design method would fit your research?

In these series of short videos, I introduce the basic concepts of qualitative research design and the different methodologies (from grounded theory to cases) and present different methods for the collection of verbal and non-verbal data, including interviews, focus groups or photography among others.

The videos can be accessed here.

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