Over the last few years, there has been a growing concern among academics and practitioners about the slow pace in which sustainability transformations unfold. In this context, my most recent work has been on understanding why and how transformations happen at a much faster pace in certain places than in others. I am very happy to announce that the first tangible result of this new line of research has just been published!

In this paper, coauthored with Filippo Randelli (Florence University) we look at the role of place-based structural preconditions and different forms of agency in enacting, accelerating, and consolidating sustainability transformations.

Our case is Panzano, a region in Italy that has transformed from traditional wine production to organically produced wine at a much faster pace than neighboring regions.

The study provides important insights for policymakers on how to enact and accelerate sustainability transformations. For instance, it shows that while structural preconditions matter at the early stages of the transformation, the place-based agency is paramount for accelerating sustainability transformations.

Want to know more? The paper is published in open access and can be downloaded here:

Chaminade and Randelli_2020_Accelerating sustainability transformations

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