Another outcome of the fantastic Horizon 2020 MAKERS project coordinated by Prof. Lisa de Propris has just seen the light. The book investigates the links between Industry 4.0 and Regional Transformations in Europe, illustrated through a large variety of cases. 

In this book,  Marco Bellandi,  Monica Plechero and I have a chapter in which we propose a novel conceptual framework for understanding how different knowledge bases (analytic, synthetic and symbolic) can be accessed and combined at different territorial scales, looking at which mechanisms can be used to favor positive transformation paths in local productive systems.

We apply such a framework to the role of combinatorial knowledge for sustainable transformation under the impact of global challenges, such as those posed by Industry 4.0 (I4.0). Eventually, case studies reported in the MAKERS project illustrate the multi-scalarity of knowledge bases combined in different paths of industrial transformation addressing models of I4.0 including so-called I4.0+ alternatives.

Bellandi, M.; Chaminade, C. Plechero, M. (2020) Transformative paths, multiscalarity of knowledge bases and industry 4.0.  in De Propris and Bailey. Industry 4.0. and Regional Transformations. Routledge. The book has been published with open access and can be downloaded here

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