wipo_pub_944_2019.jpgThe World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has recently launched their 2019 annual report which this year is devoted to the geography of innovation. Combining patent and bibliography data globally, the report provides wonderful maps visualizing  global innovation networks worldwide. And, at the same time, zooms in into particular industries to understand the geography of their innovation networks.

Their comprehensive study is in line with previous works on the geography of innovation, including ours: globalization has gone hand in hand with a concentration of knowledge in particular innovation hotspots around the world. Or, in other words, global innovation networks are anchored to particular regions around the world. But the global data and the interactive maps provide the “extra spice” as it allows the general public to clearly visualize the two trends. Hint: the maps are a wonderful material for teaching students on the geography of innovation.

The report can be downloaded here.



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